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13 Reasons Partying Is Never The Same After Your 20s

You in your 20s: "What comes before Part B? Partaaay!" You in your 30s: "What comes before Partaaay? A quick nap."

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1. In your 20s, you drink whatever you can afford. Usually something pretty cheap like Miller Lite.

In your 30s, you drink whatever has the most electrolytes in it because you need something that will help with your horrendous hangover.

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You drink whatever the hell you want at the party the night before, but the next day, these things are a godsend.


3. Regardless of whether you're going to a gala or a dive bar, you had to make a statement with your clothes when you went out in your 20s.

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In fact, you couldn't even drink all that much because you blew your entire budget on your outfit.

4. In your 20s, you don't talk to your friends all night because dancing is what matters.

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You might go out to "catch up" with them, but then you only end up exchanging like ten words over the whole night.

In your 30s, you'll straight up leave a bar or club if the music's too loud. You're not about that life anymore.


Also, you genuinely want to chat with your friends about work, tax debt, and your back pain.


In your 30s, you make a careful list of invitees and ask them to confirm.

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So that nothing gets too out of control, and also because you obviously need to provide food for everyone because you're a damn adult now.


In your 30s, you can finally afford to show off a little with your party snacks.

You want everyone at your party to compliment the selection of snacks and leave feeling full. Basically, you've turned into your mom.


11. In your 20s, the only excuse for not going out with your friends on the weekends was severe illness.


Like, to the point where you almost needed to be hospitalized. If it was just a flu, or cough, or diarrhea, you could still probably manage to go out.


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