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    16 Experiences That Are Normal For Most People But Tragedies For Introverts

    Nobody understands how horrible it is to speak on the phone or run into an acquaintance on the street.

    1. When someone you've only ever spoken to online wants to meet up with you in real life.

    2. Being added to a group chat with your entire class or office.

    3. Receiving a phone call.

    4. Speaking in public.

    5. Needed to get in touch with someone, and getting a hold of their number, but it's a landline.

    6. Going to a bar or restaurant that has Wi-Fi, but doesn't have the password posted anywhere obvious.

    7. Going to a new school or starting a new job and having to introduce yourself to a large group of strangers.

    8. When a group or musician you love does a live show where you live.

    9. Having to do anything as a team.

    10. Winning an award.

    11. Having the answer to a question being asked.

    12. Being introduced to someone.

    13. Having a surprise party thrown for you.

    14. Running into someone you know on the street.

    15. Receiving invites to events on Facebook.

    16. When someone you like seems to like you back.

    This post was translated from Spanish.