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21 Tragedies Every Single Person In A Group Of Friends Has Experienced

Being the only one who is forever alone in the group has its advantages. But it's got WAY more disadvantages. WAAAAY more.

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2. You never get invited to the wine tastings, or picnics, or other activities for happy, grown-up couples. You only get invited to bars and parties where your friends think you'll have a better chance at finding someone to hook up with.

3. Except, when they do invite you, you find yourself surrounded by lovey-dovey couples either making out or gazing longingly into one another's eyes.

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We get it. You've found someone to be happy with and spend the rest of your life with! Ugh.


6. They're horrified when you tell them stories of your Tinder one-night stands. Like they've never done it! PSSSHT!

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Or maybe they're pretending to be horrified because their significant other is next to them.


16. And if you can manage to get one of your friends to hit the town with you, their partner will just say you're a "bad influence."


You wouldn't want to corrupt them with your fun-loving, care-free single lifestyle, would you?


17. If you go in a group to a wedding, your friends are CONSTANTLY trying to pair you up with someone. And when it comes time to throw the bouquet, it sometimes feels like they paid the bride off to throw it DIRECTLY at you.