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    15 Awesome DIY Gifts That Won't Break The Bank

    Definitely a step up from the macaroni picture frames you gave to your mom as a kid.

    1. A bed for your pet.

    Facebook: buzzfeednifty

    Show some love to your favorite furry pal. All you need is an old sweater and two cushions (one will be used whole and you'll take the stuffing out of the other one). Check out the complete tutorial here.

    2. A hologram projector for your cell phone.

    It'll blow your mind to see how easy this is. The result is super impressive and all your friends will be in awe of your skills. See how to do it here.

    3. A monkey made out of a sock which has lost its mate.

    Sepidehmaleki / Getty Images

    Pick a sock, take the stuffing out of a cushion, and let your sewing talents take flight. Check it out here.

    4. This seriously awesome shark towel.

    To make it, you'll need a big grey towel and two other small ones (one white and one gray). You don't have to be a sewing expert to make your shark because the process is actually really easy. Tutorial here.

    5. This keyholder made out of a tennis ball.

    Nifty / Via

    It can hold your keys, dishcloths, your dog's leash, etc. See how to make it here.

    6. A hanging flower pot that can also be used for storage.

    Transform a conventional flower pot into an impressive decorative accent with just a rope. The tutorial is here.

    7. A phone holder inspired by your favorite animal (or dinosaur).

    The only thing you'll have to spend money on to make this gift is the suction cup to hold up the phone; other than that, all you need is a figurine of your favorite animal and the courage to cut it in half. :(

    Here's the tutorial.

    8. A lamp made of books to put on your night table.

    BOOKS <3 You just need a handheld drill, a lightbulb, and some vintage-looking books. It only takes a few minutes to make and it's the ideal gift for your book-loving friend. Check out the tutorial here.

    9. This mask for resting your eyes after a long day.

    They'll be super-grateful to you for this gift. Seriously. With a pretty fabric, some rice, and a teaspoon of herbs, you'll be able to give someone something that they'll dream of coming home to after a long day at work. Check how to do it here.

    10. A love note made out of keyboard keys.

    We all have an old keyboard from the last decade laying around somewhere. Find it, rearrange the keys into a corny message, and frame it. You can see the complete tutorial here.

    11. This sweet coffee sleeve.

    With a little bit of fabric, a button, and some sewing skills, you can make something that they're sure to use every day. Here's the tutorial.

    12. A retro flower pot made from floppy disks.

    Dust off your boxes from the '90s, get out those old floppy disks, paint them, and soon you'll have beautiful, retro flower pots. The tutorial is here.

    13. This cassette tape coin purse.

    You just need a cassette tape from your trunk of memories, a zipper, glue, and a bit of fabric. See how to do it here.

    14. A donut-shaped purse that looks good enough to eat.

    Jeff Mindell

    Get a round purse from somewhere around the house, take some vinyl or felt, and transform it into a doughnut. The tutorial is here.

    15. And this photo frame which will guard your most precious memories. <3

    Gather the photos you would like to share and put them in this frame. You only need a frame, string, and some clothespins. See how it's done here.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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