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    18 Teenage Horror Stories That Will Make You Wince Deep Down

    Anyone who says they made it into adulthood unscathed is either lucky AF or a liar.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their most embarrassing teenage moments. Here are their stories.

    1. The playground of nightmares.

    I was visiting a new church when I spotted a group of children playing in the front yard around one little boy in particular. They all had their arms inside their shirts running around so I thought it would be a good way to ingratiate myself by also putting my arms in my shirt and running around to join in the game. I was doing this for about 60 seconds when I noticed the main little boy started crying and with dawning horror I realized he actually DIDN'T HAVE ARMS. The other kids were making fun of him. I felt AWFUL.

    Submitted by melissaj4a94aa5e4.

    2. The blowy blow job.

    My dad came to tell me that the air conditioning was on and that I needed to shut my window, but as he walked in, he caught me going down on this guy. The next day he said that we were having pizookies for dinner, but couldn't remember where to get them from. I responded with "BJ's" and he just stared at me and started laughing.

    Submitted by kelceyh2.

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    3. The intimate broadcast.

    I was filming a football game at school from a little box at the top of the stands. The only person up there with me was our female "team manager". We sat there and talked about all sorts of stuff – who we thought was cute, what we wanted to do when we grew up, what we had "done". Little did I know that the camera was picking up the entire conversation. The whole team got a copy of the game footage, and soon after the whole school...I was mortified.

    Submitted by Robert Center, Facebook

    4. The not-so-cheeky vom.

    I had a huge crush on a guy in my class. One day I was driving a friend's truck when my crush spotted me and yelled out "nice truck!". I was so shocked and nervous that when I went to respond, I projectile vomited Pitch Perfect style instead… Needless to say it didn't work out.

    Submitted by kelseyd402efac1e.

    5. The thirstiest text.

    My ex and I had just broken up and I wanted to have a little fun. So, I looked in my phone and found some numbers whose names I hadn't saved, and started thirsty texting them to see if I could start talking to someone new. And I texted her dad. I thirsty-texted my ex-girlfriend's dad.

    Submitted by Anonymous.

    6. The uninvited guest.

    I was invited to my friend Jessica's party. I arrived that evening and saw two people who must have graduated a few years ahead of me. Both looked over 21 and that meant alcohol – YES! Walked up to the front door and one guy asks me, "You're here for the party?" He opens the door and I walk in to a huge cloud of smoke, some Arabic music blaring, and his family, sitting at the table, staring at me, playing cards and smoking a hookah. At that point, I remembered that Jessica had moved house a few months before.

    Submitted by Tony Borrelli, Facebook.

    7. The total boob.

    I was appearing in a concert and the only white shirt I had was way too big in the chest area. So underneath it I wore eight bras to pad it out. By the time I got to the arena, I could hardly breathe, so I went to the bathroom and took six of them off, but didn't have purse to put them in. I tied three around one thigh and three around the other thigh, walked out to the car and left them there.

    I was walking back into the warm-up room when I felt something around my foot. Apparently I forgot to take one bra off, and it had fallen down in front of around 50 people. There's never a good explanation as to why a bra would be around your leg.

    Submitted by Lindsey Nick Stelzig, Facebook.

    8. The complete knob.

    I went to my friend's home economics class to pick my mate up for some project we were doing. While I was waiting for her in the class, I had a taste of the cinnamon rolls they were making. I didn't notice this tall, cute, senior football player open the door to the class. I started making my way out while talking and looking at my friend. I reached for the door knob. Imagine a tall boy standing exactly where a door should be...Yeah. Grabbed the wrong knob.

    Submitted by amaliastroud.

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    9. The damned red spot.

    I was 13 years old. I had my period. I was wearing a short skirt. I saw my crush and started walking very sexy so he would notice me. I thought I'd succeeded in my aim and as he hugged me, he whispered, "You have a massive blood stain on your skirt and legs".

    He was such a gentleman that he gave me his sweater to wrap it around my waist and cover the stain. Still I just wanted to die.

    Submitted by oris3

    10. The bloody end.

    Two weeks before I turned 15, I went to a basketball game at school with friends. We sat on the side of the court on the floor, with my legs bent at the knee, giving the bleachers a good shot of my pants. After a while we went to the bathroom, and I pulled down my pants to see the entire ass of my jeans covered in blood…it was my first ever period and it was more like a flood. The entire B-ball audience had to have seen it.

    Submitted by angies43991b35a .

    11. The bum note.

    One time when I was 14, I ripped my pants in school, but didn't realise it until I got home. I was wearing brightly colored floral underwear and a boy yelled "dang girl, your booty is in full bloom!" I thought it was just a stupid boy cat-calling me, but boy oh boy was I wrong.

    Submitted by bigpatricia.

    12. The smooth slide.

    I was sitting with my friends at the top of one of the big, grassy hills at school where most people hung out and all of a sudden, I saw this boy I had been talking to on MSN walking towards me. I stood up and went to run towards him…and ended up faceplanting the floor and sliding down the hill on my face in front of him and about 90% of my school. Everyone laughed. I died.

    Submitted by hannahr40f791424.

    13. The bare truth.

    I was changing out of my gym clothes, and I inadvertently pulled my panties off along with my pants. This really shy girl happened to be watching, and she looked traumatized. Before that incident, I didn't think much of "lady-scaping."

    Submitted by CantThinkOfAUsername69.

    14. The major screwup.

    When I was about 13 when those jeans with the "lace-up" sides were pretty popular. Mine laced at the bottom. I was riding up the escalator in a crowded department store when they got caught on a loose screw…so down come pants, in the middle of about 75 people. My mom was oblivious and just kept on riding!

    Submitted by sarahc127 .

    15. The ballsy move.

    In my freshman year of high school they took us to the local bowling alley for mixed P.E. I got put on the team with a senior I had a major crush on. When the time came to put the bowling balls away, I had worked up the nerve to talk to him and I told him that he had two of the biggest balls there. I meant bowling balls, but the dropped jaws from him and my best friend behind him told me no one else took it that way.

    Submitted by maral470093573.

    16. The honking traffic jam.

    On the first day of high school, I had no idea where to park, so I pulled into the first lot I see. As I pulled in the lot, I realized that this was the bus dropoff point and it was a one way system. I caused a major traffic jam while horns were a-honking, whistles were a-blowing, and the poor bus monitor looked like he was already 100% done with the school year. Not only was I late to class, but all the kids on the poor buses stuck behind me were late for class, too. For the rest of the day, I kept hearing people joking about the kid in the Prius who caused a bunch of people to be late.

    Submitted by katies46ec24473.

    17. The book which burned.

    For three years during middle school, I typed up every single thing I did, everything anyone said or did – including things I had done with my boyfriend and the crush I had on this one really hot teacher. Somehow my principal discovered it, and read ALL OF IT. She went mad.

    Submitted by MissAmazing.

    18. And finally, that all-time classic school moment.

    "Being in science class and continually saying orgasms instead of saying organisms."

    Submitted by lovelytali11.

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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