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27 Things That Are Too Real For Aussies Who Grew Up Playing Sport

Who doesn't love a participation award?

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2. And you can relate to this look on a deeply personal level.

4. After school you'd work hard on your skills to be match ready for the weekend.


5. When it came to game time, every match felt like you were playing for your country.

6. And it didn't matter who was watching, it felt like a full stadium.

7. Carrying the sport equipment was the biggest honour you could be bestowed with.

8. You were never happier than when it was your turn.

10. You knew all the weird warm-up drills...

12. You tried less mainstream sports during your off season.

Sofcrosse anyone?


13. When you weren’t playing sport you were trading these like a pro on Wall Street.

14. And you probably had a sport-related bed spread.

16. And this gives you flashbacks to games that SHOULD have been called off.

18. And people thought you were injury prone but sprains and grazes were normal to you.

19. Although playing for your team made the pain go away.

24. It was still worth it.

Even if you had to line up on your best friend.


25. Because you knew there was nowhere you'd rather be.