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    Posted on 6 Oct 2015

    29 Times Hungover Travelling Is The Absolute Worst

    "Just one more shot..." + red eye cheap flight = death.

    1. When you thought staying out all night then watching the sunrise with this companion the day of your flight was a ~good~ idea.

    2. And when that good idea quickly became a less good idea because you're in a foreign place with no idea how to get to the airport.

    3. When you try and make your way back to the hostel with drunk mates so you can attempt to get a few hours of sleep before flying.

    4. When your flight reminder alarm goes off and it feels like you've just got back from partying.

    5. When there's definitely no time to hit the snooze button.

    6. When you're trying to check out of your accommodation but it's so fucking early that no one is around.

    7. When navigating to the airport is going to be your personal Everest.

    8. When you have excellent travel buddies who work out all the directions and all you have to do is follow.

    9. When you get into the "maybe I can trick my body into thinking I'm still in bed" transit position.

    10. When you get to the airport and realise you're not alone in your hangover.

    11. When you start turning on your travel buddies.

    12. When someone offers to do an airport coffee run.

    13. When this sight brings you, a grown human traveller, to tears.

    14. When it's time to board, but you're totally not ready to commit to many hungover hours hurtling through the air inside a germ and fart tube.

    15. When you're stumbling onto the plane and get that knowing look from the flight attendant.

    16. When you see the flight is 100% fully booked and there's no way you're going to get a row to yourself.

    17. When you get to your seat and you can't even function as a normal human.

    18. When you're finally buckled in and you contemplate what brought you to this point in your life right now.

    19. When there's a screaming child on your flight and it is not going to end well for anyone involved.

    20. When you can't even get "having the window seat" right.

    21. When people around you won't pull down the blinds.

    22. When the drinks trolley comes down the aisle and you order all the delicious, life-saving beverages because that will be your only saviour.

    23. When you try and order a drink from the flight attendant but the words won't come out and you end up just pointing and hoping for the best.

    24. When the airline you're flying with offers you a free snack.

    25. When there's only one toilet on board and the line up is pretty huge so you're sitting in your seat trying to hold it all in.

    26. And when turbulence hits and a wave of panic washes over you so you just sit there very. Still.

    27. When you have that moment of realisation right before landing that there's no way you can keep up this hungover travel life.

    28. When you walk off the plane and it's the best feeling you've ever had knowing you're so close to being able to lie down and nap this thing out.

    29. And when you finally get to your destination and promise yourself you'll never travel hungover again...

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