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21 Things That People Who Eat Meat Just Won’t Understand

Chicken is NOT vegetarian.

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1. When you first realise tofu is going to be a big part of your life.


2. Or when you have the first of many tofu fails.

3. When going food shopping is confusing.

4. When you find out something you love eating isn't vegetarian.


5. When meat eaters don't understand what you eat.

6. When you explain it to them and they still think this is your diet.

7. When people constantly ask questions about why you're vegetarian.

8. Or when you have to deal with their ~hilarious~ and ~original~ jokes.


9. When your friends make a meal for you and totally forget to take out the meat.


10. When everyone is apparently an expert on your health.

11. Or when people think they can convert you.

12. When your selection at fast food joints is limited.

13. When the vegetarian burger option is shit.

14. Or when main menus at fancy restaurants aren't any better.

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15. When you try to avoid fish sauce.

16. When meat eaters want to taste what you've ordered.


17. Or when they tell you to "just pick out the meat" from shared plates.


18. When it's your birthday so you know you'll get to choose a vegetarian-friendly restaurant.


19. When you're confused about meat eaters judging you.

20. When you just don't give a shit about bacon.

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21. And when you discover someone else you know is vegetarian.

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