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The 9 Most South Australian Things That Have Ever Happened

South Australians are a proud peoples but they're also a very distinct subset of Australians. Add some pea soup to a meat pie, put on a Sia track and let's hear it for South Australia!

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2. South Australians will cut you for a doughnut.

Ever caught a flight between Melbourne/Sydney and Adelaide and wondered why there was a noticeable lack of space in the overhead compartment?

Well that's because South Australians smuggle sticky doughnuts back to the Motherland.

Now a local store has opened.

No biggie, just ppl camping out for the opening of Krispy Kreme in Adelaide. Cld this be bigger than Wang Wang & Funi

— Sam Mac (McMillan) (@MrSamMac) July 14, 2014

Krispy Kreme opened their doors to hundreds in Adelaide today. Stay tuned on @SariovskiMedia

— Mitchell Sariovski (@msariovski) July 15, 2014

TONIGHT: Adelaide's desperate doughnut dash. #KrispyKreme #TenNews

— Ten News Adelaide (@TenNewsADEL) July 14, 2014

And South Australians have started getting grabby...and stabby.

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"The day after they landed on Australian soil, The Beatles flew from Sydney to Adelaide in a chartered Ansett ANA jet, arriving at 11.57am.

An estimated 200,000 people lined the 10-mile route between Adelaide Airport and the city centre in the hope of seeing The Beatles’ motorcade. More than 30,000 surrounded the Town Hall, where they met the city’s mayor, James Campbell Irwin, along with council members and their families. The Beatles were given toy koala bears.

John Lennon told the reception, “Wherever we go, anywhere in the world, this reception which Adelaide has given us will stick in our memories.”

- The Beatles Bible

Farmers Union's Ad game is strong too.

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Who doesn't love an 80s classic reworking, amiright?

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R.I.P 'Greater' 1933 - 2014.

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Fortunately, 'Greater' survived the attack and went on to live six more years. What a trooper.

Adelaide events aren't Adelaide events unless Johnny rocks up.

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Johnny's fashion is second to none.

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