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    Posted on 13 Oct 2015

    This Endangered Australian Marsupial Is Going To Be Your New Fav

    Start dabbling in dibblers.

    Meet the dibbler - an endangered Australian marsupial.

    AAP / Perth Zoo

    But don't let that adorable face fool you, the dibbler is carnivorous AF.

    AAP / Perth Zoo

    Fortunately, with a diet mostly consists of ground-dwelling insects and other invertebrates as well as small lizards, birds and mammals, they're not interested in coming after you.

    Look at how nicely they fit in your hand...

    Tony Friend / Parks and Wildlife

    ... just leave picking them up to the experts.

    Unfortunately, they're under threat from a loss of habitat caused by land clearing, dieback disease (a soil fungus) and bushfires.

    AAP / Parks And Wildlife

    To create a new population of these li'l mates, 29 dibblers have been released onto a remote island off Western Australia's south coast. Perth Zoo is hoping their breeding program will increase knowledge of the dibbler's plight. They also want to allow the animals to be released into predator-safe areas (managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife) on islands as well as the mainland.

    Now that Western Australia has islands full of both the dibbler and the quokka, their quest to be Australia’s cutest state is unstoppable.

    Check out the dibbler in action here.

    YouTube / Perth Zoo / Via

    All hail our new marsupial overlord, the dibbler.

    Perth Zoo / Mikey Nicholson

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