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    27 Things Only Long-Distance Friends Will Relate To

    FOMO, FOMO everywhere.

    1. Reading the group chat always brings out the FOMO.

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    2. You use up so much phone data checking in on all their social media.

    Snapchat, Twitter, Insty, Facebook... repeat.

    3. You get real sick of Facebook event invites.

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    Sorry can't come.

    Sorry can't come.

    Sorry can't come.

    4. But then it always makes you feel sad seeing the fun they're having without you.


    5. You curse Apple for not having group FaceTime chat.

    6. Being passed around at a squad catch up, via smartphone, is never as entertaining as everyone thinks it will be.

    7. And different time zones can add to the awkwardness of these exchanges.


    8. You don't have a guaranteed carload of people willing to join you on a random drive while listening to ~excellent~ bangers.

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    9. You always feel left out of any group holiday plans.


    10. The stuff your mates get up to hasn't changed, but it always looks better when you're not there.


    11. You always feel like you have to pick and choose which events to go back home for...


    ...which can piss off your friends.

    12. And when you end up going home, you have to split your time between family and friends.

    13. Trying to organise everyone for a catch up can be difficult.


    Just because you're back in town doesn't mean their world stops.

    14. And going home for a weekend is amazing on the Friday...


    15. ...but devastating on the Monday morning back at work.

    16. New cities can be fun and exciting but would always be improved with your mates from home.

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    17. Because you can't send random shit in your work group chat like you do to the squad...

    18. ...and all your hilarious private jokes don't land with any of your colleagues or new "friends".


    19. All you want to do is hang with people who have all the back story to your entire life.

    20. It's frustrating AF not being able to rant about general life stuff face-to-face.

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    SMS/Facebook just isn't the same.

    21. And when shit goes down back home you can't be there for your group.


    22. Whenever you go out in your new city you keep expecting to bump into your mates.


    23. Having to brave going out to new unfamiliar places on your own is terrifying.

    24. And you party less because the only people you trust getting wasted with are your besties.

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    25. The hungover brunch outings are never as entertaining without your pals.


    26. But there's no better feeling than when the squad reunites...


    27. ...because then it's like you've never been apart.

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