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    This Cat In a Cone Is Having A Fucking Awful Day

    "Everybody has a day like Albert’s."

    This is 2-year-old Albert Eisenhower Smith, a Persian cat who lives in Portland, Oregon. He also just had surgery and doesn't appear to be having a great time.

    Christy Howell / Via Facebook: christy.howell.902

    "He had a cyst on his leg that they had to remove so they shaved him for surgery. His owner was nervous about him pulling the stitches so she got him a cone. As you can tell Albert wasn’t a happy kitty," the owner's friend (and unhappy kitty photographer) Christy Howell explained.

    Now that the cone is off, Albert has to wear a camo suit which he can't lick or eat through...

    Christy Howell

    ...but nonetheless still makes him look hilarious.

    Of course you can't upload a photo of a cat in a cone and expect the Internet to leave it alone.

    Catini anyone?

    Some took the kitty to extreme heights.

    While others used Albert's predicament to improve Batman Forever.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    And one even gave a whole new meaning to the Pacific Rim CATegories.

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    Things also got a little dark...

    ...but then a little ~lighter~.

    Despite all the lols, we're all hoping for Albert's speedy recovery!

    Christy Howell


    H/T Reddit