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22 Memes Guaranteed To Make All South Australians Laugh

South Australia - where public transport is just a concept.

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1. Adelaide, the only place to be.

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2. Where the saying "never read the comments" was invented.

just waiting for a decent comment on @adelaidenow #adelaidememes #grammarnazis #adelaide

3. Where dealing with government services is a laugh a minute.

4. Where wandering down North Terrace is a minefield.

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5. Where the North is to be feared.

Nawwww, Elizabeth, you're alright.
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Nawwww, Elizabeth, you're alright.

6. Where public transport is a general concept.

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7. Where catching it can be dicing with death.

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8. Where the facilities are left wanting...

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9. ...the creativity is ~booming~...

10. ...and the vehicles take on a life of their own.

11. Where the general public can't be trusted on the roads.

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12. Like honestly Adelaide, come on.

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13. Where the eastern suburbs really know how to fuck up.

14. Where the architecture comes straight from Hollywood.

15. Where the bigots are mocked.

*hurriedly walks down Rundle Mall ignoring the hate speech*
Facebook / Via Facebook: Adelaide

*hurriedly walks down Rundle Mall ignoring the hate speech*

16. Where everyone knows the pecking order...

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17. ...but ultimately it doesn't even matter.

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18. Where night spots are mourned.

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19. And where other nightspots are avoided like the plague.

Unless you're on an interstate footy trip or too drunk to know better.
Facebook / Via Facebook: adelaidenightclubmemes

Unless you're on an interstate footy trip or too drunk to know better.

20. Where local delicacies are taken very serious.

Twitter: @Nat_deathstar / Discovery Channel

21. And where one mistake can make a big impact.

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22. But at the end of the day, the haters can rack off!

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