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    29 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In South Australia

    SAhhh good.

    1. Eat your weight in fresh produce at a coastal farmer's market.

    2. Have a drink "on top" of the city.

    3. Pick your own punnet of strawberries.

    4. Freak yourself out by swimming with sharks.

    5. Watch people throw around a big ol' tuna.

    6. Stay in a fancy AF luxury island hotel.

    7. Live out your childhood fantasies by visiting TWO chocolate factories.

    To see how some of the finest choccies in Australia are made, drop by for a tour of the Haigh's Chocolates Visitor Centre just south of the Adelaide CBD. Melba's Chocolate Factory is about 40 minutes out of the city of Adelaide in the scenic Hills district. It's still a working factory and famous for its "cow pats", which are more delicious than they sound.

    8. Get your kit off at a nude beach.

    9. Wander around a sinkhole garden.

    10. See the deep blue of "The Blue Lake".

    11. Hang out with dolphins in the suburbs.

    12. Learn about fossils or religion underground.

    13. Test your nerves on an adventure playground for adults.

    14. Cycle through the vineyards.

    15. Get lost on an Easter egg hunt through a maze.

    16. Sandboard across a mini desert.

    17. Test out your snorkel skills on a natural reef.

    18. Overindulge on mountains of cheese.

    19. Enjoy watching whales frolicking in their natural habitat.

    20. Picnic at a celebrity cook's farm.

    21. Tell all your secrets to the "Whispering Wall".

    22. Balloon over the picturesque Barossa.

    23. Expand your mind with literary speakers.

    24. Fly over the largest inland lake in Australia.

    25. Relax in the surrounds of a stunning library.

    26. Get acquainted with the art of glass blowing.

    27. Go back in time with a trip on an historic railway.

    28. Spend an arvo drinking beers you've never heard of.

    29. Escape to "Japan" in the Park Lands.