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27 Dad Jokes That Out-Dad Themselves

"I'm hungry." "Hi Hungry, I'm Dad."

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1. This iSore.

2. This joke of biblical proportions.

3. This effort to connect with the youths.

4. This dad joke doe-n't.

5. This visual joke you just have to sea.

6. This playful horsing around.

7. This ill-timed humour.

8. This unremarkable attempt.

9. This fashionable jokester.

10. This fresh AF pop culture fiend.

11. This well thought out pun.

12. This joke of atmospheric proportions.

13. This un-beer-lievable pub.

14. This joke that snot funny.

15. This proof that white people need to stop.

16. This clever throwback.

17. This tenacious bumper sticker.

18. This Dr Doolittle comedian.

19. This wannabe gangster.

20. This prehistoric humour.

21. This neither positive nor negative attempt.

22. This doggone doozy.

23. This force of humour.

24. This nightmare word play.

Get I.T.?

Get I.T.?

25. This asshole.

26. This bonehead.

27. And this.

There's nothing more to be said.

There's nothing more to be said.