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19 People Who Are Not Coping With Adelaide And Melbourne’s Heatwave

*All of southern Australia melts off the map*.

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1. Some couldn't understand the logic of it all.

why do Melbourne and Adelaide have hot as fuck weather when we are closer to Antarctica :)))))))))))))))

2. While others let the heat go to their head. Literally.

Day 1 of Melbourne Heatwave. The struggle is very real

3. Some just got real icky.

Its so hot in Melbourne right now that i could literally collect all the sweat into a jug and poor myself a glass of water.


4. While others knew the sacrifices they had to make.

This heatwave in Melbourne is a nightmare because it means you have to drink so much more wine to stay hydrated.

5. And then there were those who attempted to make the most of it.

Instagram: @themermandan

6. Of course, the human inhabitants weren't the only ones to feel the heat.

7. And households were torn apart.

Instagram: @ladblokes

8. Some took it upon themselves to fix the situation at hand.

Instagram: @mr_higginsworth

9. And although Melbourne temperatures ~seemed~ bad, Adelaide really took it to the next level.

No one does brutal summer heat quite like #Adelaide.

10. They knew the struggle was real.

Me, driving around #Adelaide in 42C heat in an un-air conditioned car.

11. There were those who started to see things.

Instagram: @kashoe_nia

12. Some knew the real battlers of the heat.

Spare a thought for all of those air conditioners working in this heat. #Adelaide #AdelaideHeatwave

13. While others summed up how everyone was feeling.

When you step outside from an air-conditioned building during a #heatwave in #Adelaide & the heat hits you like:

14. Even the local wildlife needed some respite.

#Adelaide its hot look after yourselves and your pets, here's Maggie having a drink in my garden

15. Some desperately needed the important questions answered.

Can I wear shorts to work? #Adelaide #heatwave


16. While others turned to religion for their answers.

This sums up Adelaide perfectly right now. 41C Wed, 42C Thurs, 42C today & 43C tomorrow! #heatwave

17. Some seemed to have given up hope altogether...

Adelaide Heatwave Day 5: Is it just going to be hot forever now?

18. ...while others commandeered the only known source of relief.

Instagram: @josta1983

19. And everyone else could only take photos of their thermometers.

Instagram: @adeltritus

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