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    21 Times Abbi And Ilana From “Broad City” Perfectly Captured Life In Your Twenties

    "I'm an adult."

    1. When you lie to yourself.

    2. When you're pushing mid-twenties but still trying to speak how the youths speak.

    3. When you have a quarter-life crisis.

    4. When people ask if you have a five-year plan.

    5. When you update your profile pic and it's 🔥.

    6. When you mute your friends on Facebook who've just got engaged or married or had a baby.

    7. When you check how much you've got left in your bank account.

    8. When you can't afford to go out and then see your squad check in at your fave bar.

    9. When it's finally payday.

    10. When you order anything online, especially food, and it eventually turns up.

    11. When you go to buy beer and get asked for ID.

    12. When your housemate lets you use their Netflix account.

    13. When they ask if they can watch another episode of a show you're binge-watching together.

    14. When you haven't done your washing in weeks.

    15. When you're trying out a new, more mature look, and you think it's going pretty well.

    16. When it's the middle of summer and your apartment has no AC.

    17. When you and your bestie both fake a sick day together.

    18. When a total babe matches you on Tinder.

    19. But then when you meet up IRL the photo doesn't match their profile.

    20. When your parents invite you over for dinner (aka a free meal).

    21. And when they start questioning your life choices and you have to use inventive ways to GTFO of there...