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29 Things Kids Of Today Will Have No Idea About

That Hubba Bubba smell tho.

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1. Waiting for your computer to go to sleep so you could watch the screensaver.


2. Storing all your prized possessions together.

3. Fearing for your goddamn life when playing SkiFree.


4. Or having consecutive heart attacks with every jump in Donkey Kong.


5. Experiencing the ultimate satisfaction of completing a game of Solitaire.


6. Or the horrible stress associated with keeping your Tamagotchi alive.

7. Trying to fix your favourite mixtape because the ribbon had fallen out.

8. Or taping your fave songs off the radio and blasting them from your boom box.

9. Dancing to the Spice Girls at the school disco and learning the phrase "Ziga zig ah".


10. Setting up the mouse trap and not actually playing the game.

Milton Bradley

11. Spending your summer having water fights with your siblings.

12. Doing the fold-in at the back of every Mad magazine each month.

DC Comics

13. Asking for a Disney Adventures subscription every Christmas.


14. Begging your parents to let you order a supply of books and stickers every few months.


15. And then devouring every iconic series after school.


16. Getting a sore jaw and a sugar high from the sickly sweet fruitiness of Hubba Bubba.

Hubba Bubba

17. Spending your afternoons watching all the best shows.

ABC / Channel 7

18. Having a family of dinosaurs as your ~modern family~.


19. And learning how fucked up some modern families can be.

Stamford Media Center Productions

20. Seeing a rainbow every time you went to get a movie from the cupboard.

21. Or knowing you were in for a great weekend when your parents pulled up here.

22. Playing with your Power Rangers toys because they were best superhero range ever.

Bandai America

23. Trying to get every single range of collectibles from fast food restaurants.

24. And pestering your parents to get you Yowies, mostly so you could add to your toy collection.


25. Saving your pocket money in a totally ~spooky~ way.

26. And then spending that money on pocket-sized toys.

Bluebird Toys

27. Annoying your parents by recording their voice and playing it back to them.

28. Creating your own insects to disgust your friends.


29. And making fart noises with your Gak.