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    Do You Remember Puggles And The Lost Forests?


    Can we all take a moment to reminiscence about the iconic, but very much non-existent The Lost Forests?

    The Lost Forests were a chain of magical gift stores, located around Australia, and they were goddamn wonderful.


    They don't make them like they used to.

    Check out these cool kids having the time of their lives.

    The main reason for entering The Lost Forests? Getting your hands on one of these bad boys.

    The puggles came in all different colours and sizes with a pouch for carrying.

    And the little ones arrived in a nappy. Nawwww.

    And the best part of buying a puggle involved catching it in a bag as it slide down a slide.

    Then there were the Gigalot possums.

    Who doesn't love a giggling possum...

    ...or perhaps four baby ones?

    Those worms hanging from the trees are actually Squirm Worms and were the perfect childhood bookmark.

    Speaking of bookmarks, you always needed a Squirm Worm to use when reading about puggles, uggles, fruggles, struggles and gigalots.

    And who could forget the Flying Pigs hanging from the ceiling?

    Or the little cave men, bedtime bunnies and mushrooms?

    For now, a rare puggle sighting on Instagram is all we have left.

    Only time will tell if we will ever get that childlike joy of catching a puggle once more.

    See more from The Lost Forests' website here.

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