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This Woman Is Poking Fun At Male Feminists On Tinder For Being Sort Of Ridiculous

"Feminist in the street, misogynist in the bed."

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Lane Moore, a New York comedian, has gifted us all with the Tumblr, Male Feminists of Tinder, after noticing a growing trend of outspoken men on the hookup app.

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Moore told BuzzFeed, "I'd been seeing a few guys on Tinder saying in their profiles that they were feminists or saying really intense statements that were basically like 'I DO NOT HATE WOMEN' and it just struck me as an odd thing to open with. One night I tweeted out one of the screencaps and people really loved it and started sending me profiles they'd seen too. I made the Tumblr that same night."

She explains that the guys she pokes fun at have bios that tend to boast about their feminism.


Moore says, "It's more a matter of a guy whose profile goes on and on about how much he believes in equality and that women should rule the world, which is totally fine to think, but it just ends up reading as someone saying, 'I am a nice person! Look how nice I am! I am so nice!' instead of someone just being nice."

The blog has been warmly received by women who know the story all too well.

Moore says, "They [women] get it, obviously. We've all known guys who kind of jump down your throat to tell you how much they don't hate women and it's really bizarre. Because on paper, it's like 'Yay!' but when you think about it more, it's like, 'OK. Good. You shouldn't. Why are you telling me this?'"

And while the blog is still in its infancy, she's already picked an early favourite.

Moore says, "Apart from the feminist thing, I love that he hates clothing and jewellery and drinking for fun."