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    19 Disney Photo Edits That Will Make All Your Dirty Dreams Come True

    A dream is a wish your Photoshop makes.

    1. Welcome to your new favourite Disney-inspired Instagram, from Scottish fashion blogger and collage maker Portis Wasp.

    2. Wasp takes photos from fashion shoots and, using the art of collage, mashes them together with Disney scenes in a perfect union.

    3. Wasp told BuzzFeed, “It’s the mixture of something quite innocent thrown together with something a little more provocative that I quite like.”

    4. “Like any other kid I was a fan of Disney, but now that I’m all grown up I’d say that I’m a fan of the imagery and colours used in the films more than anything”.

    5. “I like the images I create to pop and those Disney palettes just seem to work ridiculously well with gorgeous supermodels!”

    6. And boy does it work!

    7. Sometimes a pack of adorable bunnies just isn't enough.

    8. Geppetto is all of us after seeing these pics.

    9. I donut recall this part of Pinocchio.

    10. You probably remember the Mowgli snake scene a little differently....

    11. Kylie's new fashion label - Jenner de Vil?

    12. Squad goals.

    13. Wanna be part of his world?

    14. When you wish upon Joan Smalls...

    15. Ready for the ball?

    16. Go on, take a bite...

    17. Where's the anaconda?

    18. Aurora's nipple tweaking is on point.

    19. And when "One day my prince will come" takes on a whole new meaning.

    For more of Portis Wasp's Disney collages, head to his Instagram or for fashion updates check out his blog.