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    Posted on 14 Oct 2015

    An Astronaut Took Spectacular Photos Of Australia That Are Literally Out Of This World

    Australia like you've never seen it before.

    NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is documenting his journey in space with some absolutely breathtaking photography.

    All photos by Scott Kelly / Twitter / Via Twitter: @StationCDRKelly

    And these fascinating shots show an unrecognisable view of Australia.

    Some look like oil paintings.

    While others look like pieces of jewellery.

    The colours are simply superb.

    It's almost as if you're staring into the void of space.

    Feel that beauty running through your veins.

    Normally we're used to seeing iconic imagery of Australia... the Opera House...

    ...or Uluru...

    ...but these shots capture Australia in all its aerial glory.

    And it is stunning.

    Australia – beautiful from any angle.

    For more of his photography and outer space updates, follow Scott Kelly on Twitter.

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