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    24 Reasons Black Cindy Is The True Queen Of "Orange Is The New Black”

    "Shabbat shalom bitch!"

    1. Her flawless take down of beauty standards.

    2. Her definition of "upkeep".

    3. And her amazing morning routine.


    4. Her calling out of casual racism in the media.

    5. Her OTP.

    6. And more specifically, her worship of Beyoncé.

    7. Her enviable squad.

    8. Her everyday outlook on life.

    9. Her entire quest to convert to Judaism.

    10. Her totally reasonable reasons for converting to Judaism.

    11. Her interpretation of Scripture.

    12. Her investigative skills.

    13. And her ability to work any situation in her favour.

    14. Her on point pop culture references.

    15. And how she uses it to nail the world around her.

    16. Her love for Suzanne's prison written fan fiction.

    17. Her way with the English language.

    18. And her bluntness using it.

    19. Her iconic status as meme material.

    20. Her disdain for a dirty look.

    21. Her ability to turn the months of the year into a delightful rap.

    22. And her lofty ambitions.

    23. So Netflix, for season 4, GIVE US WHAT WE WANT!

    24. All hail Adrienne C. Moore, our Cindy Queen!

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