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    Who The Fuck Says Sausage In Bread, I Mean Really?

    It's time for a national discussion.

    The clever people over at The Linguistics Roadshow have released a set of regional language maps showing that location really can impact how Aussies speak.

    The Linguistics Roadshow

    They put together a short survey on some common Australian English vocabulary and invited people to fill it in and tell them which words they preferred.

    Prepare to get regional and defensive...

    What are these delicious deep fried snacks called?

    Or how would you describe the act of blood running from your nose?


    What are the patriots serving out the front of Bunnings every weekend?

    Instagram / nintenderp_64 / Via

    And what did ex-prime minister Tony Abbott love to get around Manly in?

    Craig Golding / Stringer

    What was your school water dispenser known as?


    And do you come from the great state of South Australia or literally anywhere else in the country?


    Check out more of The Linguistic Roadshow's regional language maps here.

    H/T Junkee.

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