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6 Reasons Why Carb Eats Is The New Clean Eats

Enough with the clean eats, just gimme dem carbs.

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1. Pizza

Queen Bey knows what's what.

It's good enough for Kevin.

You could just reach in and grab it.

Kurt approves this message.

Smells Like Pizza Spirit.

2. Bread.

French pastry bread goodness.

When someone doesn't eat all the bread on the table.

What do you mean we're out of bread?!?


If Tara "Smize" Banks says it's OK, then it's OK.

3. Pasta.

So multi-functional.

Creating poochie romance since 1955.

Feline pasghetti.

Om nom nom.

4. Potatoes.

Here's to diversity!

The potato is in the bottom left corner, in case you were wondering.

Let us celebrate with the adding of gravy to fried potato.

5. Cereal.

ANYONE can make cereal.

The meal for every mood.


Each to their own.

6. Every.






So the next time someone says they're not eating carbs...

Carbs 5eva.

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