20 Stages Of Posting On BuzzFeed Community

You wish you could hug the internet but the closest thing is posting to BuzzFeed Community.

1. ZOMG this idea is hilarious… TO THE BUZZFEED.

Stage: Excitement.

2. *googles to make sure it hasn’t been done*


Stage: Panic.

3. So that one HILARIOUS idea now needs to be filled out with content.

Stage: Contemplation.

4. Get distracted by pizza/Beyoncé gifs.

Stage: Beyoncé.

5. Finding the perfect gifs is easy.

Stage: Gif exhaustion.

6. You have the best gif idea but can’t find it anywhere.

Stage: Denial.

7. FINALLY…you’re happy with the post.

You’ve done all your can.

Stage: Content.

8. Then the joy of searching for 625 x 415 pixels thumbnail.

Stage: Google Image Search Frustration.


It’s out there!

Stage: Anxiety.

10. The post starts gaining traction.

Stage: Hopeful.

11. Someone in the comments is offended by the post.

Hook. Line. Sinker.


12. The noreply@buzzfeed email arrives.


Stage: Vindication.

13. You check the statistics page for your post.

Stage: Such confusion.

14. Then a BuzzFeed editor notices your post and offers you an interview for a job.

Stage: Elation.

15. All your internet friends are super supportive.

Stage: They just need to get over themselves and support me.

16. It’s a Skype interview!

Stage: Pantless.

17. The interview goes well and you play it cool.

Stage: Imaginary dancing baby.

18. A week goes by and you’re still waiting.

Stage: Anticipation.

19. You’re passed over, but that’s cool.

At least there’s TONNES of other jobs in media ಠ_ಠ

Stage: Depression.

20. You’ll always have BuzzFeed Community.

Stage: Internet.

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