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14 Hilariously Angry Notes People Left To Be Found, OK?

"Dave, I’m divorcing you! I know you’ve been meeting prostitutes, but that’s OK because I’ve been sleeping with your dad!"

1. Like, what happened in this apartment?

2. And what's the deal with this coworker and their beloved grapes?

3. And who put up all these "WHO STOLE" notes trolling our poor grape lover? Could it have been...the grape thief?

4. OK, OK, OK...WHAT THE? Dave! What on earth?! If you're reading this (or I guess if Dave's dad is), explain this drama in the comments, please!

5. Speaking of coworker drama, you KNOW there's more to this story!

6. Wait, what? Who's Mike? And what does he have against fishermen?

7. Ooh, what's going on here? Is the parker the asshole? Or is the anti-parker?!

8. Wait, so someone is just spraying a bunch of cologne somewhere day after day? Why? NEED MORE INFO!

9. Now, there is a story here, but I don't know what the heck it is. Sarah, if you're out there, spill the tea in the comments!

10. Hold up! Your 12-year-old knows what Brazzers is and feels comfortable telling you they know? But you're so offended you wrote a note? amiss. (Deets in comments pls.)

11. What traumatic experience did this taxi driver have with a passenger with — I'm guessing — very large feet that led to him putting up all these signs?

12. "Chauvinistic proclamations of sexual conquest"?! Thongs from your "hunt"? There is a story HERE! What is happening, housekeeping? We want deets!

13. Someone's peeing in...THERE? What? Why? How?

14. And finally, why does someone want Karen to drink this? Is it a trick? Karen, if you didn't drink this and die from poison, fill us in!

All of us after reading these bizarre, drama-filled notes: