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27 Absolutely Hilarious Moms Who Will Make You Pee-Laugh

We all know moms are the real comedians in the family.

1. The mom who — after her kid drew on the wall — came up with this brilliant solution:

2. The mom who needs to rethink her balloon-holding posture:

3. The mom who thought her son's dog looked like a tater tot and served the receipts:

My mom has been saying my new dog looks like a tater tot & then today she texts me this...

4. The mom who expertly trolled her daughter via text, lol:

5. The mom who shared her husband's misguided attempt to clean their kid's doll with alcohol:

6. The mom who made everyone get out of this photo because, she says, "Ain't nobody help."

My mom made everyone get out of her picture with the food cause "ain't nobody help"

7. The mom who did NOT want anyone to wake her baby:

8. The mom who was concerned about her daughter and car, er, make that car and daughter:

9. The mom who was totally up on the latest lingo — and by “totally up on” I mean not at all:

10. The mom who shared her poor, sweet daughter’s haircut mishap:

When you trust your Filipino grandmother to take your child for a haircut & willy wonka busts through the door. Fuck.

11. The mom who LOL'd through this food emergency:

12. The mom who treated her dog better than she ever treated her kids:

Guys my mom just tucked my dog in for his afternoon nap and I am dying

13. The mom who had the genius idea to wear swim googles when chopping onions:

14. The mom who had her own way of wishing her kid a happy Cinco de Mayo:

15. The mom who came up with this doughnut for her daughter's Crazy Hair Day:

16. And the moms who...😂...did this:

17. The mom who — when her smart-aleck son joked he wanted a urinal cake for his birthday — came through:

18. The mom who took this disturbing/hilarious snapshot:

19. The mom who got creative for a breast cancer fundraiser:

20. The used-car salesperson/mom who wrote this message:

21. The mom who unleashed this epic Frozen knock-knock joke:

22. The mom who told her son this was the only cup he could drink alcohol out of in college:

23. The mom who razzed her kid on Snapchat:

24. The mom who hung this gentle reminder in the laundry room:

25. The mom who knew just how to inspire her kid to greatness:

26. The mom who wanted her family to know she was NOT committing suicide:

27. And the mom who ordered the wrong kind of mixer online: