17 Dads Who Almost Definitely Traumatized Their Kids

    Our thoughts are with these kids during this difficult time.

    1. The dad who dedicated a Phil Collins song to his daughter over Twitter:

    2. The dad who dropped off his daughter at school while cosplaying as a war boy from Mad Max: Fury Road:

    3. The dad who decided to wear this hat and footwear combo to his daughter's basketball game:

    4. The dad who did this when there were no more shopping carts:

    5. The dad who photobombed his daughters and threw deuces:

    6. The dad who has this tattoo:

    7. The dad who insisted on using a selfie stick in public:

    8. The dad who changed his status to "feeling drunk" on Facebook and posted a Sixteen Candles quote:

    9. The dad who felt the music and did not hold back:

    10. The dad whose moves inflicted unbearable levels of secondhand embarrassment:

    11. The dad whose eyeroll-worthy dad joke ended up in his daughter's timeline:

    12. The dad who wore this shirt in the presence of his children:

    13. The dad who epically misjudged the curb in front of his daughter and her friends:

    14. The dad who repeatedly placed this plastic skeleton around the house to scare his daughter:

    15. The retro dad who wore this T-shirt:

    16. The dad who pulled up his pajama bottoms and did this:

    17. The dad who wore this costume in front of his kids: