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    17 Dads Who Almost Definitely Traumatized Their Kids

    Our thoughts are with these kids during this difficult time.

    1. The dad who dedicated a Phil Collins song to his daughter over Twitter:

    Twitter: @ichbin_amy

    We hope his daughter reaches out for the help she'll need in order to move past this.

    2. The dad who dropped off his daughter at school while cosplaying as a war boy from Mad Max: Fury Road:

    Please know, young lady, it's not your fault. None of this is your fault.

    3. The dad who decided to wear this hat and footwear combo to his daughter's basketball game:

    If you're still hurting from an embarrassing dad, consider seeking out a Survivors of Embarrassing Dads support group in your city.

    4. The dad who did this when there were no more shopping carts:

    Twitter: @paytin14

    Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, Paytin.

    5. The dad who photobombed his daughters and threw deuces:

    Twitter: @RamseeA

    May these sisters find strength in each other.

    6. The dad who has this tattoo:

    The caption on this photo reads: "This is a legitimate tattoo that my Father has on his actual skin. And this isn't even the worst one."

    Our thoughts and prayers are with his daughter during this difficult time.

    7. The dad who insisted on using a selfie stick in public:

    We hope his kids get help before they repress this memory into the dark recesses of their subconscious minds.

    8. The dad who changed his status to "feeling drunk" on Facebook and posted a Sixteen Candles quote:

    Twitter: @baaailleeyy

    May his daughter cling to the good memories she had of him before this happened.

    9. The dad who felt the music and did not hold back:

    No child should have to see such a thing. We hope his kids are at peace.

    10. The dad whose moves inflicted unbearable levels of secondhand embarrassment:

    Young man, we hope you understand how brave you are.

    11. The dad whose eyeroll-worthy dad joke ended up in his daughter's timeline:

    Twitter: @sadie_wadhaam

    We pray his daughter learns to laugh again.

    12. The dad who wore this shirt in the presence of his children:

    This likely hurt his kids even more than when Zayn left, and for that we are truly sorry.

    13. The dad who epically misjudged the curb in front of his daughter and her friends:

    Twitter: @KateKielminski

    It may be hard for his daughter to see now, but adversity only makes you stronger.

    14. The dad who repeatedly placed this plastic skeleton around the house to scare his daughter:

    Twitter: @i_CarlyH

    You are not the things that happened to you, Carly, you are who you choose to be.

    15. The retro dad who wore this T-shirt:

    Please remember, early childhood trauma doesn't have to define you.

    16. The dad who pulled up his pajama bottoms and did this:

    Expressing yourself through art (finger painting, crayons) can be very therapeutic. Be well.

    17. The dad who wore this costume in front of his kids:

    Twitter: @ZOIE_1996

    Know that he can't hurt you anymore, Zoie.

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