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Show Us Your Most Totally Epic '80s Photo

If you lived through it, you've definitely got one.

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If you lived through the '80s, chances are you've got a photo somewhere that reeks of the decade.

Flickr: 22404965@N08 / Via Creative Commons

Like this one — The girl is holding a Cabbage Patch Kid, wearing an "I love you, E.T." T-shirt and standing in front of a poster of a Thriller-era Michael Jackson!

Or maybe one that proves you were the kings of '80s style.

Flickr: dharrels / Via Creative Commons

OK, maybe these kids weren't the "kings of style." But if you say you never owned a jean jacket like that, you're not from the '80s.


Was this how you listened to music?

Instagram: @hellathrifty

Did you attend a legendary '80s event and get a snap of it? / Via Creative Commons

Did you see a stop on Cyndi Lauper's Fun Tour? Sit in the audience for a taping of Silver Spoons? If so — awesome — and show us the receipts!

Share your most epic '80s photo below, and it might appear in a future BuzzFeed Community post!

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