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What Was Your Most Awkward Moment As A Parent?

"I really hope no one saw that."

When we think of ourselves as parents, we like to remember the moments we made things look easy.

But mixed in with those glorious moments are our fair share of cringingly awkward ones.

For example, you might have got home from running errands to discover your milk leaked through your shirt.

Or maybe your kid broke the silence in church by ripping a huge one.

You might have run into your kid's teacher with a cart full of alcohol.

Your toddler might have texted a bunch of gibberish to your boss.

Or maybe you suffered through the indignity of taking your kid to a teeny bopper concert.

Whatever it is, we want to know: What’s the most awkward moment you ever experienced as a parent?

Share your most awkward moment in the comments below and it may appear in a future BuzzFeed article!