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What Is Your Greatest Parent Fail?

Let's be honest...we've all had at least one #parentfail.

We've all seen parenting fails online, and some of them can be pretty extreme... say the least.

But the truth is that every parent, no matter how amazing, has been guilty of a parenting fail or two.

For example, you might have left your kid unsupervised with a marker.

Or maybe you put your kid's shoes on the wrong feet.

You may have even taken your kids to a movie that turned out to be not quite age-appropriate.

Mypurgatoryyears / Getty Images

If you thought the ticket prices were high, wait until you get the therapy bills.

So tell us, parents: What’s your biggest parenting fail?


Share your most facepalm-worthy moment in the comments below and it may appear in a future BuzzFeed article!