Look, I Don't Condone Vandalism, But These 37 Photos Are Freaking Hilarious

    Technically wrong, but it feels so right.

    1. This graffiti that spread some holiday cheer:

    2. Ditto for this one:

    3. And this one (which pretty much guarantees I will forever sing, "Sani-Cloth is coming to town!"):

    4. This graffiti that's totally aspirational:

    A Chase bank sign with "your dreams" written under Chase

    5. This graffiti that's spreading the word of the Bard: 

    6. This posting that blocked some racist BS:

    7. This defacement that taught anyone who passed it a little about government:

    8. And this fan-made star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that absolutely _deserves _to be made real:

    9. This road sign that now rocks:

    10. This road sign that's now sort of a work of art:

    11. This road sign that has been 100% Freddie Mercury-ized:

    12. And this one that has been Harry Potter-ized:

    13. This unauthorized "T" that puts an image in your mind:

    14. This graffiti that kindly put a little more grammar (but not commas) into the world:

    15. This bit of ridiculousness that makes dispensing soap 50% more uncomfortable and 100% more fun:

    16. Same goes for this pigeon that was illicitly added to this soap dispenser:

    17. This defacing of a Papa John's box that is totally in tune:

    18. And this one that is also music to my ears:

    19. This Super Mario that just brings joy to the world:

    20. And this Post-it Note that does nothing more than make people smile:

    21. This graffiti classed up the place:

    22. This graffiti that school administrators won't like, but it's almost certainly brightened someone's day:

    23. And this graffiti that spread some unauthorized wisdom from Yoda:

    24. This graffiti that pumps you up:

    25. This graffiti that makes you feel warm inside: