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This Model Is Being Hilariously Trolled By His Sister And Nephew

The resemblance is uncanny. 😂

Katina Behm has found the most adorable way possible to troll her younger brother, model Aristotle Polites — by having her two-year-old son, Augie, recreate his Instagram posts.

Katina, a (soon to be) speech-language pathologist in West Fargo, North Dakota, started the painfully-cute teasing last year by making this side-by-side photo and sending it around to family members, asking, “Who wore it better?”

The account received a fair amount of attention over the last year, and now has almost 60,000 followers from all over the world who look forward to the account's weekly photos.

The biggest fan of the photos, however, is easily Katina and Aristotle's 88-year-old grandmother.

Katin says that taking the photos — now that Augie is a toddler — has changed things a bit.

A trick Katina uses to get these photos right involves little Augie's twin sister. Katina says, "I use a lot of his twin sister's clothes because they're smaller and tighter on Augie, and more 'model like.'"

One nice thing about this project is that it connects Aristotle and Augie, who are separated geographically.

"Because I live in West Fargo and Ari lives in Los Angeles, we don't get to see him too much. But Ari and Augie were reunited this past Christmas, and it was fun to see them playing together."

Katin isn't sure how long she will keep this going — she thought she would stop when Augie turned 2 — but she's pleased that "these silly pictures" have resonated with people from so many different cultures. She says, "The biggest take away for me is that humor can be a universal bond — something that's important to remember these days."

You can follow Baby and the Body and Aristotle Polites on Instagram.