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    This Is The Most Popular Parenting Hack On Pinterest

    Have you pinned it?

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    Parenting hacks — those amazing tricks that make raising kids so much easier — are hugely popular on Pinterest.


    In fact, a representative for Pinterest tells BuzzFeed Life that there has been a 66% increase in the amount of parenting hacks pinned in the last year alone.

    There are hacks for helping your kids get dressed in the morning...

    Like this one that uses stickers to remind your kids which shoe goes on which foot.

    Hacks to make treats less messy...

    Like this one that suggests adding Jell-O to popsicles so that they don't turn into drippy messes.

    And organizational hacks to deal with all their stuff.

    Like this one that uses magnetic strips to get cars off the floor and onto walls.

    But out of all of the amazing parenting hacks, which one has been pinned the most?

    According to Pinterest, the most pinned parenting hack of the last year is…

    The top hack advises sticking a Command hook on the back of your high chair to hold bibs. This way you'll never have to frantically search for a bib again!

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