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This Is The Best Argument For Free-Range Parenting Yet

Helicopter parents won't like this.

If you haven’t heard of free-range parenting, it’s a movement that basically says parents need to stop worrying so much and let their kids experience more things on their own.

The movement was largely popularized by Lenore Skenazy of the blog Free-Range Kids. Now she has teamed up with Mike Kraus of Mylk Media to make a video that explains why (they think) free-range parenting is where it's at.

mylkmedia.com / Via vimeo.com

The video tells us that every day, in everything we do, we face risks.

But which risks should we actually worry about? To get an answer we need to weigh the risks, but the problem is that it's hard to gauge risks in a society that feeds us a steady stream of fear.

Thanks to the media it can start to seem like our kids are in danger all of the time, and we must never let them out of our sight.

But statistics tell us our kids actually have more of a chance of becoming president than being eaten by shark...

More chance of winning an Oscar than becoming a victim of terrorism...

And are more likely to be struck by lightning than to be abducted by a stranger.

So, Skenazy and Kraus tell us, we should put risk in perspective and give our kids the freedom to do the things we liked doing as kids, like play in the park or ride their bike to the store.

Basically, the odds are in your favor as a parent, according to Skenazy and Kraus, so let your kids out of the bubble!