This Is Either The Stupidest Kickstarter Campaign Ever Or The Most Genius

Why yes, we do need a seven-story tall robot that juggles Volkswagons.

1. Berkeley, California based engineer Dan Granett recently launched what can only be described as a very bold Kickstarter campaign.


His goal is to build a human scale prototype (like the computer rendered one above) for what he calls “the most amazing robot ever devised,” the BugJuggler!

2. What is the BugJuggler? Why a seven-story tall robot that juggles cars, of course!


3. According to its website, the BugJuggler could be used for robotic entertainment.

The image above is a concept of a performance at a monster truck event.

4. So far backers have only pledged $556 toward the campaign’s $50,000 goal.

As of this writing, however, there are still 38 days to go, so the dream of giant juggling robots is still very real! Visit the Kickstarter here.

5. Let’s make this happen, people!

Because giant juggling robots.


An earlier version of this story said the proposed robot would be seventy stories tall instead of seven.

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