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    This Guy Hides Hilarious Fake Products In Real Stores And OMG I Want To Find One

    Get the entire "Places I Have Cried!" toy collection.

    Jeff Wysaski, 37, is a Los Angeles–based comedian who makes hilariously off-kilter products and plants them in real stores for unsuspecting souls to find.

    Wysaski's project — called Obvious Plant — has developed quite a following, with more than 272,000 followers on Instagram and even more on Facebook.

    "Obvious Plant started with me making fake signs and leaving them in public," Wysaski tells BuzzFeed. A hilarious example? These animal "facts" posted all over the Los Angeles Zoo.

    Wysaski — who'd grown bored of creating web comics and traditional internet-style comedy — says the signs "made me realize I really liked bringing my jokes off the computer screen and into my neighborhood."

    "I also really liked the idea of breaking up the mundaneness of everyday life by inserting some unexpected humor into people's lives."

    But how does he get the products into the stores? Wysaski says it's surprisingly easy.

    "I've been doing this for four years now and have never been confronted or called out by an employee," Wysaski says.

    "You'd be surprised how oblivious people are. There may be people looking for someone to take something OUT of the store, but no one is expecting the opposite to happen."

    "Really the most important thing is to go into the store during off-peak hours. The more people in a store, the more eyeballs I have to avoid."

    While Wysaski's weird art installation project has acquired some prestige of late — there was a pop-up exhibit of his work earlier in the year — he says his goal is just to make people laugh.

    "A lot of my work focuses on the frustrations of the modern world — depression, excessive consumerism, the futility of existence, etc. When it comes to difficult topics like these, my coping mechanism is to make jokes about it."

    "Hopefully, helping others laugh about it as well is therapeutic for more people than just myself."

    If you're not lucky enough to stumble across an Obvious Plant product IRL, you can visit Obvious Plant's Tumblr and store.