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    These Valentine's Day Card Boxes By Kids — And Let's Be Honest, Their Parents — Prove 2019 Is Totally Next Level

    This is 2019. You do NOT just bring in a plain shoe box.

    If you have kids, you know that grade school is way more extra than it used to be, and there's maybe no bigger proof of that than the Valentine's Day card boxes kids bring in. Here are some of 2019's most creative:

    1. Like, look at this toilet bowl box? LOLOLOL:

    2. There's also this epic Wonder Woman box that would make Gal Gadot proud:

    3. This kid's box is an actual vending machine (!!!):

    4. I don't know if this one is a baby shark (doo doo doo doo doo doo) or just a regular one, but either way it's epic:

    havefaith018 / Via

    5. This Sonic the Hedgehog box is practically art:

    6. Would it even be grade school if a kid didn't do SOMETHING unicorn themed? No, it would not. Also, this one is amazing:

    7. On that note — would it even be grade school if a kid didn't do SOMETHING Fortnight themed? Check out this Loot Llama box:

    8. This Pac-Man box will be gobbling up Valentines like dots:

    9. And this TMNT box will be eating Valentines like pizza:

    10. Are you kidding me? An "alien spaceship abducting a cow" box? Too funny:

    11. If you're looking for cute, check out this camper box:

    12. This hockey-loving kid brought in an ice rink — and paired it with "hockey pucks" aka Oreo cookies to hand out:

    13. Like football more than hockey? This kid has you covered:

    14. And this kid's box is a total slam dunk:

    15. Ha, this kid's box is a perfect Poppy head from Trolls:

    mackenzie614 / Via

    16. This box is titled: "Books are magic!" and wow, just wow:

    17. And lastly, check out this Rapunzel box! I mean, who can compete with that? Kudos, kid (and mom):

    armourgirl / Via

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