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    These Photos Capture The Emotional Moment A Mom Met Her Baby Born Via Surrogate

    "Instantly in love and so grateful."

    You’ve probably seen your share of birth photos, but this photo series captures something you probably haven’t seen before: the joy of a mother meeting her baby born via surrogate.

    Kim Overton was diagnosed with fibroids earlier in life, but she underwent surgery that allowed her to give birth to a son in 2012.

    Kim considered surrogacy — and upon discussing it with her family, learned her cousin’s daughter, Cydnee, was willing to do the job.

    Cydnee, meanwhile, wanted to become a surrogate because of the struggle Kim encountered trying to have another child.

    The incredible photographs by Leilani Rogers capture the very emotional day for Kim's immediate and extended family.

    The baby — a healthy boy — was named Oliver.

    Kim says it was surreal meeting Oliver for the first time. "My three-year journey to conceive was a very emotional roller coaster, but finally there he was, this sweet little baby after such a long struggle."

    The moment was emotional for Cydnee too. "I felt I'd accomplished my goal of making a wondrous change in someone's life."

    Kim and Cydnee both hope their experience will help others to understand surrogacy better.