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These Are The Coolest Parenting Products Of 2015

Having kids has never been so cool.

1. This lunchbox that keeps both hot and cold food.

2. This plastic attachment that turns any cup or glass into a sippy cup.

3. Durable, aviator-style sunglasses made specifically for kids and babies.

4. This breastfeeding monitor that lets you know how much milk your baby eats at each feeding.

5. This construction-themed plate and utensils that even picky-eating kids will love to use.

6. This interactive pillow that allows you to change even the wiggliest of babies without a fight.

7. This portable bidet that makes keeping newly potty-trained toddlers clean a whole lot easier.

8. This all-encompassing, educational toy set that lets kids build the characters and families of their choosing.

9. These jackets and puffy vests that close with magnets instead of zippers or buttons.

10. This baby monitor that lets parents keep tabs on their baby without taking their focus from the road.

11. This reusable squeeze pouch with a spill-proof spout that is good for the environment and your pocketbook.

12. These cups that stick to the fridge, so your kids can get themselves water whenever they want it.

13. This kit that lets your kids make their own stop-motion claymation films using your smart phone.

14. This ultramodern high chair that grows with your child.

15. Special compression clothing that helps postpartum women deal with leg cramps and achy bodies as they start to get active again.

16. These specially designed swim goggles that allow parents to avoid the hair-pulling drama associated with putting on traditional goggles.

17. This baby swing alternative that moves in five different motions — mimicking the movements of actual parents.

18. This children's watch that is equipped with GPS so parents can keep track of their kids' whereabouts on their smartphones.

19. This "smart pacifier" that lets you monitor your baby's temperature and pacifier's location from your smartphone.

20. This stroller that can hold up to 150 pounds of kids, luggage, groceries, and gear.

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