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These Are The Coolest Parenting Products Of 2015

Having kids has never been so cool.

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4. This breastfeeding monitor that lets you know how much milk your baby eats at each feeding.


Milk Sense measures the amount of milk in each breast prior to a feeding, then measures how much milk the baby ate afterward. Find out where it's available near you here.

6. This interactive pillow that allows you to change even the wiggliest of babies without a fight.

8. This all-encompassing, educational toy set that lets kids build the characters and families of their choosing.


With a total of 2,048 possible matches, kids are guaranteed to be able to create a family that looks like theirs — no matter what their family looks like. Preorder a set of My Family Builders.

9. These jackets and puffy vests that close with magnets instead of zippers or buttons.


Perfect for kids who have yet to develop the finger dexterity needed to close traditional jackets. MagnaMini can be ordered here from $49.99.

17. This baby swing alternative that moves in five different motions — mimicking the movements of actual parents.

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