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    The Most Embarrassing Moments Of A Girl's Life From Ages 14 To 40

    Relive the horror.

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    Age 14: Getting your period on the day you made the ill-advised decision to wear white pants to school.

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    And you didn't even have a jacket to wrap around your waist.

    Age 15: Logging on to discover your little brother secretly filmed you trying to twerk and posted it in your high school's Facebook group.

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    Age 16: Leaning over to pick up a pencil in math class and accidentally letting one rip.


    Age 17: Texting your dad instead of your best friend after losing your virginity.

    Age 18: Waking up on the morning of your prom with this on your face.

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    Age 19: Getting drunk at a party and breaking your ankle stumbling home.

    Age 20: Clicking on the wrong file when giving a power point presentation and projecting a private webcam you made.

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    "Where is the off button?!"

    Age 21: Waking up on spring break and instantly regretting your choices from the night before.


    Yep, that's Celine Dion on the small of your back.

    Age 22: Losing your bikini top coming down a slide at the water park and flashing hundreds of families.

    Age 23: Realizing upon leaving a very important job interview that you’d done the whole thing with the back of your skirt tucked into your underwear.

    APG-VWR-AlphaX/ / To see more images of Lindsay Lohan, check out

    Age 24: Your grandma walking in on you having a quickie while at home for Christmas.

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    Ten minutes later you all sat down for the most awkward dinner ever.

    Age 25: Running into your naked boss in the gym locker room and having the world's most awkward conversation as you get dressed.

    “I didn’t realize you were a member here. Oh, you just joined? How fun.”

    Age 26: Finishing up a very important call with a client and signing off by saying, “Love you.”

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    Age 27: Getting out of the shower to discover the new person you're dating found your high school yearbook photo.

    Age 28: Hitting "reply all" after writing a super snarky response to a company wide email.

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    Age 29: Getting drunk at your best friend’s wedding, crying in the bathroom that everyone is getting married but you, and then sloppily making out with the prematurely balding groomsman.

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    Age 30: Trying to do Beyonce's latest moves at the office party and accidentally breaking a co-worker's nose.

    Age 31: Your maid of honor pulling skeletons out of your closet in front of hundreds of guests.


    Age 32: Asking your new neighbor when she’s due and being told that she's not pregnant.

    Age 33: Walking onstage to give a speech in front of the whole company and falling flat on your face.

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    Age 34: Pooping when trying to push out the baby during childbirth.

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    This is a good time to mention that nurses need to be paid more.

    Age 35: Going out with your friends for the first time post-baby and not realizing until you get home that your breasts leaked through your blouse.

    Age 36: Giving a long monologue to a friend about why you’re so glad she broke up with her annoying boyfriend only to learn they got back together.

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    Age 37: Your toddler finding your vibrator and handing it to a guest in the middle of a dinner party.

    Age 38: Saying, “Who is Lorde?” “What is Tinder?” and “How does a Snapchat work exactly?” in less than three minutes with younger coworkers.

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    Age 39: Going in for a pap smear and seeing this is the gynecologist seconds before he says, “Put your feet in the stirrups.”


    "Looks like you've got a little yeast infection down here."

    Age 40: Your six-year-old seeing a man with titanium legs at the supermarket and saying, “Look! A robot!”

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    The good news is that after 40 you no longer experience these kinds of embarrassments.

    Just kidding! The embarrassment continues as long as you're lucky enough to walk this earth.

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