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    17 Surprisingly Cool Things Kids Can Get For Free

    It's good to be a kid.

    1. A download of The Incredibles.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    All you have to do is sign up for Disney Movies Anywhere, a free app that lets you play your favorite Disney films on your mobile devices.

    2. A ticket to the circus.

    Flickr: sarahmworthy

    Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey have a program called Baby’s First Circus, which gives babies less than one year old a ticket voucher that can be exchanged for a free ticket to any performance, anytime, anywhere!

    3. Bowling.

    Flickr: holtsman

    The Kids Bowl Free program lets kids bowl two games every day, all summer long. Find the participating bowling center nearest you here.

    4. Roller skating.

    Flickr: mnrollergirls

    Similar to Kids Bowl Free, Kids Skate Free supplies kids with passes to skate free during the summer.

    5. A download of a Muppets Most Wanted activity book.

    Walt Disney Studios

    Just in time for opening day. Download it here.

    6. A toy race car or other small prize.

    Flickr: whataweirdwackywonderfulworld

    Many Trader Joe's hide a stuffed animal somewhere in the store and challenge kids to find it. If they do they'll be given a small prize at the customer service desk.

    7. Admission to a clinic where kids build a wooden project.

    Lowe's regularly hosts free clinics that send kids home with a free apron, goggles, patch, and more. Find your nearest clinic here.

    8. 15 tokens at Chuck E. Cheese's.

    iodrakon / Via

    Participating Chuck E. Cheese's will reward kids with 15 free tokens if they bring in a good report card.

    9. Movies.

    Evan Long / Flickr: 45635774@N00

    Many national movie theater chains, including Carmike Cinemas and Showcase Cinemas, screen classic children's movies for free during the summer.

    10. Tickets to baseball games and more.

    Flickr: mightyb

    Every major league baseball team has a kid's club. The Chicago White Sox's free Slugger Membership, for example, gives members "White Sox eye black, a White Sox player wall cling, a White Sox beach ball, four game tickets coupons and more!"

    11. Museum admission.

    Flickr: jan_k

    Many museums throughout the country, including the Children's Museum of Houston and the Chicago History Museum, offer free admission for kids.

    12. A ticket to a Broadway show.

    Brian Kolstad / Flickr: 10246979@N00

    The Kids Night On Broadway program lets kids attend a Broadway production for free when accompanied by a paying adult. Find a list of participating Broadway shows presently touring the U.S. here.

    13. Toys, books, ice cream, cupcakes, and more on their birthday.

    Flickr: salsaboy

    Toys R Us, Kmart, and Baskin-Robbins are just a few places that offer free perks on a kid's birthday. Find a roundup of other places that offer birthday specials here.

    14. Admission to fun events plus a special gift.

    Flickr: thepassivedad

    Pottery Barn For Kids has many fun events that often give kids a special gift for attending. Find a calendar of events here.

    15. A backpack full of games, crayons, Twizzlers, and other fun items.

    Kids are given these for free during check-in at Omni Hotels & Resorts. Free milk and cookies will even be brought to a kid's room on the first night of their stay.

    16. Meals.

    Flickr: tedlaw

    Many national restaurant chains, including Denny's, International House Of Pancakes, Fuddruckers, Islands, Tony Roma's, and Buffalo Wild Wings, offer free meals to kids.

    Kids Meal Deals is a terrific resource for finding free kid's meals in your area.

    Search their database here.

    17. Cruise fare.

    Up to two children can sail for free on select Royal Caribbean cruises when accompanied by paying parents. Learn more here.

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