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    23 People Who Prove There's Probably Someone Out There Who Looks Exactly Like Us!

    1. Identical right down to their glasses!

    2. Purple hair is just the start of their similarities.

    3. Not only do they look alike, but they have similar style.

    4. These lookalikes have similar style too!

    5. If these two have any differences, let me tell you, I'm having trouble finding them.

    6. Dr. Dentist Doppelgänger lol.

    7. Identical a profile in courage holding that tiger!

    8. Here are two hockey players — one collegiate, one pro — with matching faces and missing teeth.

    Dewey’s doppelgänger plays hockey for U of Ottawa. He asked Drew for a selfie because he also is missing teeth. Kevin Domingue meet Drew Doughty.

    9. Strangers on a train? More like doppelgängers on a train.

    10. Three of them? Are you kidding me?!

    11. THREE AGAIN?!?!?

    12. This woman found her doppelgänger in a museum, from a time long ago.

    @cdaenerys found my 18th century smol dutch boy doppelgänger

    13. Ditto for this guy and his lookalike.

    14. This man also found his doppelgänger in the past.

    15. Different heights, but other than that? Carbon copies down to the bow ties.

    16. Now this is getting into "glitch in the matrix" territory.

    @jay_banning @MattAtkinson94 met my doppelgänger at @awakenings

    17. This is wild, right?

    18. We probably shouldn't think too long about this.

    19. Because if we do, we will have some serious unanswered questions.

    20. This all makes me I have a doppelgänger somewhere in the world too?

    21. Do you?

    22. I'm betting we do.

    Casually met my doppelgänger on a boat party

    23. But will we ever meet them (like these two met)? That's the question!!!

    Guy on right is the husband of my friend @elrottencrotch. Guy on left is a STRANGER he met on a flight last night!