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    17 Cringeworthy Photos Of People Doing Things They'll Regret The Rest Of Their Lives

    These people right before these photos: "What could go wrong?"

    Hello, fellow dumbasses! We all do stupid things that we later regret (god knows I do).


    Thankfully, there are always people who do even stupider things out there to make us feel good about ourselves! So with no further adieu, here are some:

    1. The griller who threw away hot charcoal in their trash can:

    u/TheCubeZero / Via

    2. And these guys who just wanted a photo of the crispy rice they'd spent all afternoon making:

    u/november0368 / Via

    3. The dog owner who let their pup out immediately after mowing the lawn:

    u/sunshinyanny / Via

    4. Plus the guy who forgot to put the dog in the kennel before leaving:

    u/PJwonder / Via

    5. And the dog owner who left their not yet potty-trained puppy alone with Roomba:

    u/screamicide / Via

    6. The hungry person who cooked their pizza on a plastic cutting board:

    u/bridgerh10 / Via

    7. And the poor soul who put an unsecured bottle of Parmesan cheese in their computer bag:

    u/ColourSpectre / Via

    8. This sunbather who 100% forgot sunscreen:

    u/GENERALfreckles / Via

    9. This guy who went a little too hard on the playground:

    u/Frozenteacher / Via

    10. And this guy who tried to take a selfie with a snake he found on the side of the road:

    u/drewstrummer / Via

    11. The driver who thought it'd be cool to put this blood sticker on their car:

    u/mossberg91 / Via

    12. The driver who forgot to secure their boat:

    u/hanste24 / Via

    13. And the driver of this hearse who forgot to secure the coffin:

    u/roroar350 / Via

    14. The kid (it's a back window, so I'm thinking it was a kid) who forgot to roll up their window:

    u/Commander_Guts27 / Via

    15. And the kid who took an ill-timed nap:

    u/csmxiv / Via

    16. The cook who tried to drain the deep fryer into a plastic bucket:

    u/bootsmegamix / Via

    17. And the person who made the mistake of leaving their beauty mirror on the windowsill:

    u/Saftgeaicht / Via

    H/T: r/Whatcouldgowrong