34 Numbskulls Who Told Bald-Faced Lies On The Internet For Clout

    Some lies you can get away with. These are not those.

    1. What are the odds?! So wild!!!

    2. Damn! This dude must be absolutely ripped!

    3. This just proves the power of a child's voice! Out of the mouths of babes, indeed!

    4. My goodness! Another wise child!!!

    5. My hand just covered my open mouth! The wisdom of this toddler!

    6. Dah! Did this teacher get played or what? Soooo funny!

    7. Alpha dawg right here, amirite?! Safe to say I don't want to run into him in a dark alley!

    8. HA! How funny! What a story!!!

    9. Major oops! Does this person have egg on their face or what?

    10. I don't know about you, but I'm saluting Jesus with one hand and America with the other right now! So choked up!

    11. Boy, did that guy at Walmart guess right or what?

    12. Ooooooooh! Playa! Clever, clever, clever.

    13. Daaaaang! We got another playa right over here, folks!

    Woman I know: Post Malone follows you on Twitter? Me: Yeah, it got me laid once; Woman: It's about to get you laid twice, actually

    14. My goodness! That IS bad customer service!

    15. Now, THAT is what I call a miscommunication!

    16. Well played, sir! To those six couples may I say, "Buuusted!"

    17. That IS dumb! Man, I would've loved to be there to see this oopsie happen (and it totally did happen)!

    18. Sooo interesting! I mean, if a NASA person said it, it's gotta be true, right?

    19. Whoa! McDonald's really should hire this person! What a talent!

    20. Boy, did that company step in it, lolololol:

    21. Daaaamn! If you're a better writer than Shakespeare or "the president," I bet you would receive an applause!

    22. How did this guy pull this off! Total legend! And then they watched It Chapter Two! You'd think a teacher would get in trouble for showing a movie like that, but I guess not, since it totally happened!

    23. That sure showed that stupid atheist professor! I wonder if the Marine got arrested for assault? It doesn't say so, so I'm thinking not. Anyway, love this true anecdote!

    24. OMG, does that mean? DOES THAT MEAN? Whoa!

    25. This guy is really, REALLY fast! Good job, Rob! 

    26. Damn! This guy is a playa! So cool!

    27. So is this guy! Boy, he sure is smooth!

    28. She looked at him with "complete lust," bit her lip, AND moaned quietly! Looks like we got ANOTHER playa!

    29. Oh mah gah, I would die. Siri, you did her dirty!

    30. And they forgot all about it! Yuk, yuk! Such fun!