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    23 People Whose Days Took Really, Really Bad Turns

    Some days are worse than others...way worse.

    1. This high school student who got up at 5 a.m. on a Saturday to take the SAT...then discovered the test had been canceled:

    My friend was supposed to take the SAT today... from Wellthatsucks

    2. This guy who was invited to dinner with his in-laws...and then immediately asked to assemble a massive dining room table:

    In-laws invited us over for dinner; it was a trap from Wellthatsucks

    3. This woman who was excited to see her first-ever yearbook photo as a teacher, and well:

    Yearbook photo from my first year as a teacher. from Wellthatsucks

    4. This person who returned to their cabin in the winter to discover the water valve hadn't been shut off, so it was flooded AND frozen:

    Main water valve was not shut off for the winter in a cabin from Wellthatsucks

    5. This person who — the morning after a lightning storm — found their mailbox like this:

    My mailbox was blown up by lightning last night from Wellthatsucks

    6. This person who put a soda in the freezer to chill...and then forgot about it:

    I now remember that yesterday I wanted a cool soda from Wellthatsucks

    7. This person who ordered some fast food from DoorDash and received this delivery "confirmation":

    DoorDash sent me this as a delivery confirmation photo... from Wellthatsucks

    8. This guy who bought the wrong-size door...and looked like a dummy in front of his wife:

    My wife said measure the door, I told her all doors are the same size... from Wellthatsucks

    9. This kid who had an allergy test and learned he's allergic to, well, everything:

    My 12 year old, allergic to nearly everything from Wellthatsucks

    10. This hungry person who lost not one, not two, but THREE meals in one evening:

    Came home late from work, drop my open sandwhich in the parking lot. Go to make pasta, the first pot slips and I pour it all on the ground. Make a second pot and the handle straight up breaks and my pasta goes everywhere. Didn't eat; had a lil cry. from Wellthatsucks

    11. This person who spilled 50,000 beads and now has to sort all of them by hand:

    I spilled 50,000 2mm glass beads on the ground and I now have to sort them by hand from Wellthatsucks

    12. This homeowner who sprayed weed killer — instead of fertilizer — all over their once beautiful lawn:

    Spraying weed killer instead of weed n feed from Wellthatsucks

    13. This air traveler who paid extra for a window seat:

    Paid extra for this “window” seat. from Wellthatsucks

    14. This sculptor who dropped her artwork facedown:

    Happened to a friend, she was almost finished from Wellthatsucks

    15. And this guy who accidentally washed his fancy leather gloves:

    I accidentally put my leather gloves in the washing machine from Wellthatsucks

    16. This person who lost two fingers in a work-related accident on the day his new guitar arrived:

    Losing 2 fingers in a work-related accident on the day my new guitar arrived. from Wellthatsucks

    17. This person who dropped their electric toothbrush but never heard it hit the ground:

    Was confused when it didn't sound like it hit the floor from Wellthatsucks

    18. This mom whose toddler broke her tooth in half:

    My 11 month old son just hit me in the face with his toy and broke my tooth in half from Wellthatsucks

    19. This guy whose printer exploded all over his face:

    The printer exploded... from Wellthatsucks

    20. This person who prepaid for a year's worth of car washes, then went to get one and found...:

    I prepaid for a years’ worth of car washes to save a few bucks. from Wellthatsucks

    21. This person who discovered their prized baseball autographed by the 1981 World Series Champion Dodgers had been chewed up by a rat:

    Cleaned out the attic and discovered rats had eaten my 81 Dodgers baseball. Fernando, LaSorda, Stewart, Sax, Koufax... Damn. from Wellthatsucks

    22. This person who tried — and failed — to drive on the beach:

    You can drive on the beach here, how cool is that!!! from Wellthatsucks

    23. And this person — yikes! — who discovered a water snake living in their toilet:

    Well there is a water snake living in my toilet somehow from Wellthatsucks

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