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25 People Who Were Roasted So Hard Someone Should Check On Them

I hope these people are all OK.

1. This sister:

This kid has a future in roasting from rareinsults

He commented: "You look like the 27-year-old substitute teacher that doesn't know how to make class quiet."

2. This dad (on Father's Day):

My daughter roasted me for fathers day. I couldn't be more proud from funny

3. And this daughter (on her birthday):

Joe Pellatt/Facebook

4. This guy who tried to come for Jenna Marbles:

The ratio on this tweet is good, but the replies hidden by the OP were even better from rareinsults

5. Mark Wahlberg:

Looks like he about to yell out he needs more pictures of Spider-Man then start singing I want to break free

Twitter: @Bosslogic

6. Anyone who googles "sex":

Getting roasted by urban dictionary from memes

7. The United Kingdom...and then the United States:

Return to sender from rareinsults

8. This woman who said "College students do not have to go in debt to get a degree. They can work their way through it like many of us did...":

Only a few shekels from rareinsults

9. And that woman's entire generation:

Baby Boomers did that thing where you leave a single square of toilet paper on the roll and pretend it’s not your turn to change it but with a whole society

Twitter: @ItsDanSheehan

10. Billie Eilish:


They said: "Billie Eilish dresses like she got her clothes stolen at the gym so they gave her what they had in the lost and found bin."

11. Adam Driver:

Some people have resting bitch face, Adam Driver has resting ‘Professor of Theology listening to his students present a report on religious symbolism in medieval art that they copied off of Wikipedia’ face

Twitter: @galacticidiots

12. And, uh, Adam Driver:

They do look alike to be fair from rareinsults

13. This guy who tweeted "Enough with the WFH sweats. Dress like the adult you're getting paid to be":

The best one from this thread from rareinsults

14. Machine Gun Kelly, Halsey, and Justin Bieber all at the same time:

Twins! Or is it triplets? from rareinsults

15. Mark Zuckerberg:

My favourite rare insult of all time from rareinsults

16. Lil Pump:

On a facebook post about Lil Pump and Eminem from rareinsults

17. Vanilla Ice:

He is going to need some ice , ice baby for that burn . from rareinsults

18. The DeGeneres family:

Kinda reminds me of the time in gym. from rareinsults

19. Mr. Indoor Sunglasses:

Seriously it does look like that. from rareinsults

20. Human babies:

@UnkleDell Meanwhile human babies come out wit a spot on their head that aint finished yet and the communication skills of an alarm clock

Twitter: @king_evans27

21. This teacher:

I gave my class a "learning assessment" and got absolutely roasted by a student. from MurderedByWords

The teacher asked her students to name the most impactful lesson she'd given, and one wrote: "I'll let you know when we get to the first lesson."

22. Adam Levine:

On Adam Levine's tattoos from rareinsults

23. Jimmy Fallon:

So sorry Jimmy from rareinsults

It reads: "In Joker, Arthur suffers from a condition that causes him to laugh loudly and uncontrollably, even when things are not funny. When he tries to do stand up, he has difficulty finishing a joke due to laughing too hard. This is a reference to Jimmy Fallon, who the character is based on."

24. Newscaster Linsey Davis (and her top):

I'm never wearing this again from rareinsults

25. And lastly, whoever the poor soul is on the other end of Judge Judy's gaze:

I love this woman from rareinsults

Judge Judy said, "If you were the trophy at the end of my race, I would walk backwards."

HT: r/rareinsults

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