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    Passive-Aggressive Holiday Gifts For The People You Hate

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    For the incredibly self-absorbed:

    For the Christmas-hating Scrooge:

    For the pretentious literary snob:

    For the outspoken (and oversharing) lover of 50 Shades of Grey:

    For the humorless evangelizer:

    For the loudmouth atheist:

    For the infuriatingly impatient:

    For the out-of-control party animal:

    For the boastful Martha Stewart wannabe:

    For the kid of the most annoying parent you know:

    For the iPod-loving tech-head:

    For the biggest right-wing a-hole you know:

    For the biggest left-wing a-hole you know:

    For your incompetent boss:

    For the most rah-rah, over-the-top "patriot" you know:

    For the infuriatingly lazy and messy roommate:

    For the super macho jerk:

    For the mean-spirited old person: