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    Passive-Aggressive Holiday Gifts For The People You Hate

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    For the incredibly self-absorbed:

    "There's no greater gift than the gift of giving, don't you agree, Lyndsay?"

    For the Christmas-hating Scrooge:

    "If I were you, Tom, I'd drink my morning coffee out of it all year round!"

    For the pretentious literary snob:

    Random House / Via

    "You'll love it, Bert. This E.L. James fella was a #1 New York Times Bestseller. Not even Shakespeare can say that!"

    For the outspoken (and oversharing) lover of 50 Shades of Grey: / Via

    "Bondage? No, I don't think there's any bondage in it. Wait a minute. There's bondage of the mind. Lots and lots of bondage of the mind!"

    For the humorless evangelizer:

    "I figured you'd love to bring Christ to your breakfast table since you talk about him morning, noon, and night!"

    For the loudmouth atheist:

    Samuel Goldwyn / Affirm / Via

    "A religious film? No way! It's about a fireman. An inspirational fireman played by that kid from Growing Pains!"

    For the infuriatingly impatient: / /

    "Man, you're going to have so much fun with this stuff... So much fun in six months."

    For the out-of-control party animal:

    "Now don't forget, Rayne. These are only for the bath!"

    For the boastful Martha Stewart wannabe: / Via

    "Now you can stop struggling with all those complicated recipes and use your microwave!"

    For the kid of the most annoying parent you know: / Via

    "Don't worry about it losing power, lil' Eddie. I put nine packs of extra batteries in there. It'll be making all kinds of fun noises until the end of time!"

    For the iPod-loving tech-head:

    Flickr: revrev

    "What a haul! You're going to have to find a way to make room next to your computer for all those glorious CD boxes!"

    For the biggest right-wing a-hole you know: / Via

    "I know you like to keep things 'fair and balanced,' Uncle Wayne, so enjoy!"

    For the biggest left-wing a-hole you know: / Via

    "Gee, I'm sorry, Uncle Wes, I saw the word 'Democrats,' and a blonde in a black dress and figured it was right up your alley!"

    For your incompetent boss:

    NBC / Via

    "I thought you'd get a kick out of this since Michael Scott's a boss, and you're a boss..."

    For the most rah-rah, over-the-top "patriot" you know:

    "What's that? The American flag is never supposed to touch the floor? Well, that would make this rug problematic, wouldn't it?"

    For the infuriatingly lazy and messy roommate: / Via

    "Now you can dust the apartment as you're lounging around all day in your robe!"

    For the super macho jerk: / Via

    "You're going to love this gift certificate, Bluto! And don't you worry about this place being like the ones your wife goes to. This one give MAN-icures!"

    For the mean-spirited old person: / Via

    "You always gave me incredibly practical gifts, Aunt Mildred, so now I'm returning the favor."

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