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    15 Parents Who Need To Take It Down A Notch

    Can we stop pretending that publicly shaming your kids is good parenting?

    1. This dad who shot his 15-year-old daughter's laptop and posted a video of it to YouTube.

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    He was upset that she'd complained on Facebook about being made to do chores. Seems like a perfectly reasonable response.

    2. This mom who made her daughter hold up a sign reading: "I was disrespecting my parents by twerking at my school dance."

    “What am I supposed to do?" the mom asked in this clip. "Whoop her and get the cops called on me?” You know, because that and this sign-holding malarkey were her only two options.

    3. The dad who made his daughter wear this T-shirt to school for a week after she broke curfew.

    He somehow made publicly shaming his daughter all about himself.

    4. The dad who posted this flyer around town and on Facebook.

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    The dad did this even though his son is usually a "good and respectful kid." Seems fair.

    5. The mom who posted this angry rant to YouTube after her daughter was suspended from school for fighting.

    She may have been trying to shame her kid, but she only shamed herself by posting a vertical video.

    6. The mom who hacked her daughter's profile to tell the world she was no longer allowed on Facebook.

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    This fiasco is now the first thing that comes up when you Google the daughter's name. Is that really what you wanted, mom?

    7. The mom who made her son walk up and down the main intersection in town wearing a sign that read "Smoked pot, got caught! Don't I look cool? Not!"

    WTOC / Via

    How is there always a news crew on the scene to film these shenanigans? The parents have to be tipping them off ahead of time, right?

    8. The parents who made their 10-year-old wear this sign (and Shrek ears) at a water park.

    According to this news report, at one point the boy took off the Shrek ears and his mother said, "Put them back on or I'll smack your head in."

    9. The parents who made their daughter stand on the side of the road holding a sign that read: "I sneak boys in at 3am and disrespect my parents and grandparents."

    CNN / Via

    If this doesn't work, the parents say they will consider punishing their daughter by making her shave her head.

    10. The mom who made her 8-year-old hold this sign outside their home.

    Ironically, in 2011 the mom was arrested for shoplifting from Walmart. Maybe her mom should've made her stand on the street holding up a sign when she was a kid.

    11. The dad who made his fourth-grader hold up a sign that read: "I am a bully. Honk if you hate bullies."

    According to the dad, "Bullying is also a form a public humiliation." So he decided to publicly humiliate his kid to show him public humiliation is wrong? OK.

    12. The dad who fitted a chain around his son's neck to keep him from stealing.

    Previously, he used to beat his son every time he was caught stealing, but it didn't seem to make a difference. Let's see... It goes beating, then chains, then what, exactly?

    13. The mom who made her son hold up a sign that read (in part): "My GPA is 1.222. Honk if I need an education."

    Fox 13

    The mom said embarrassment is the best form of discipline for her son, but child psychologists and counselors typically think this kind of extreme parenting does "more harm than good" and "can lead to problems such as anxiety, depression and aggression."

    14. The mom who, after her son swore at his teacher, made him wear a sign reading: "I disrespected my teacher ... I would like to apologize, not only to that teacher, but to all adults."

    WPBF News / Via

    According to psychologist Jill Hunziker, "All it will do is produce more anger and resentment in the child."

    15. The dad who gave his son a bad haircut (and posted it on YouTube) after he got bad grades and lost an iPad.